Sunday, May 29, 2011

1m, 2m, 3m Activity: Understanding an American movie - May 30th

Activity based on the watching of the movie "Juno" (2006.)
Synopsis: Ellen Paige stars as the title character, an independent-minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressures of adult life onto her.
Good to study family relationships, teenagers' issues and gives a good glimpse at the way of life of some North-American families.

New Vocabulary:
-A teenager
-To be pregnant 
-Unplanned pregnancy
-An independent-minded girl
-The pill/birth control
-Birth test
-"Women Now"
-Abortion - to abort
-Adoption - to adopt
-a closed adoption
-an ultrasoung: una ecografia
-To decide to give the baby for adoption
-adoptive parents
-to break up
-a single mother
-a spinster: unmarried woman
-to deliver/to give birth (to a baby boy)

Viewing 1:
-How old is Juno?
-What has happened to her?
-What does she want to do with it first?
-With whom does she live?
-What is Juno's final decision about her pregnancy?

Class of 2mA watching "Juno"

Viewing 2: Resume what has been seen before.
-Can you describe Juno?
-What is her parents' reaction when she tells them she is pregnant?
-Are they supportive?
-Describe the couple Loring?
-Where do they live?
-Compare the couple with Juno's family?
-What do you think about the relationship between Mark Loring and Juno?What do they have in common?
-Does Juno get along with Vanessa?
-Does Juno want to know the baby's sex during the ultrasound? Why?
-What is Bren's warning to Juno?
-Describe the relationship between Paulie and Juno after he knows she is pregnant?
-Why is Juno angry at Paulie?
Describe Paulie's character.
-What happens when Juno is in the mall with her friend Leah?
-What happens to the Loring couple in the end? Can you tell why?
-Does Juno come back to Paulie? Why? What does she finally tell him?
-What happens to the baby in the end?
-Comment the note Juno leaves for Vanessa: " Vanessa: If you're still in, I'm still in."
-Which is the season ending the movie?

Diablo Cody, screenplay writer for the movie "Juno"

Ellen Page, starring as Juno

High school in which were shot some of the movie scenes. Vancouver, Canada.
(The action is supposed to take place in Minnesota but for budget restrictions, took place in Canada.)

Further discussion:

-Do you have friends who have been pregnant at a young age?
-If you were in Juno and Paulie's situation, what would you do?
-Do you think Juno is taking the right decision? Why and why not?