Highschool events

June 3rd: School's fair and anniversary celebration:

These pictures introduce you with the "Dia Del Libro" event which took place on April 29th at the school. The students were to perform different scenes of the most important masterpieces of Castillan Literature; from great classics such as Don Quijote to more contemporary works.  
 This is the classroom where I (Fanny, the volunteer) teach English speaking and listening. I am working on its decoration now with the help of the students. We work in semi-circle or in small table groups usually, to ease communication in the classroom.
This is a group of some of my students from 4mA and 4mB. These sections are very nice kids as well as motivated students. They are between 16 and 18 years-old. Some of them were in the play: Don Quijote (background boy on the right), Sancho Panza and Dulcinea's characters (foreground, the students on the right). Also are present here some students helping at setting-up the props for the different scenes.

Don Quijote, Dulcinea and Sancho Panza


A wedding that turned out wrong

Student of 4mA dancing some tango

Students of class 2mF and D dancing the chilean traditional dance, the Cueca.

Was it roomba? I did not really know...The girl with the purple skirt is my student from the class 2mD - the dancing partners (boys) were two young colombians in the school since a few. They know really well how to dance! I should take some lessons...

Final scene in music! With the guitars of students from classes 2mA