Thursday, May 26, 2011

4m Activity: Understanding an American movie - starting from May, 27th 2011

Activity based on the movie "Little Miss Sunshine," a 2006 American comedy-drama film. The road-movie plot follows a family's trip to a children's beauty pageant.

Good to study family relationships, teenage, children and adults' struggles as well as analyzing competitive behaviours.

Notions to clarify with the students before watching the first movie's scene:
-a comedy-drama film
-a road-movie
-a character
-a plot
-a children's beauty pageant
-to divorce
-to attempt suicide
-to be mute/silent
-to be outgoing/lively/spontaneous
-to give complexes
-The cult of success: to be a looser/to be a winner; to lose/to win
-to achieve one's dream
-to "let Olive be Olive"
-The anti-American dream

A film screenshot shows the family all seated in the Volkswagen Microbus as it is driven on a highway. The angle is from the windshield looking into the vehicle so that the majority of the interior can be seen. The mother is sitting in the front passenger seat with a dull expression on her face. The father is driving the vehicle with a smiliar expression. In the middle row, the daughter is looking down, listening to music from a CD player. Her uncle is seated on the right, looking to his left. In the back row, the grandfather is looking towards his grandson (who's face is slightly obscured by his father's head due to the angle). In the background, other vehicles can be seen driving on the highway.

A film screenshot showing five girls standing on stage at the pageant at the end of the film. From left to right, the first girl (wearing a one-piece swimsuit) has her left leg placed in front of her right, the second girl (wearing a two-piece swimsuit) has her legs shifted in the opposite direction, at center the main character (wearing a one-piece swimsuit) is standing straight, the fourth girl (wearing a one-piece swimsuit) has her left leg placed in front of her right, and the last girl (wearing a two-piece swimsuit) also has her left foot forward. All of the girls are smiling towards different angles. The background of the stage is decorated and it is reflected on the shiny surface of the stage.

Characters: Olive and Dwayne (kids)
                  Sheryl and Richard (parents)
                  Uncle Frank

Questions after viewing 1:
       -Resume what has been seen/the plot with the students during scene 1.
-How old are Olive and Dwayne?
-What is Olive's dream?
-What is Dwayne's dream?
-Why does he refuse to speak by making a vow of silence?
-What does Richard do for a living?
-Why does Frank have to live with the family? What happened to him?
-Why does the Grandpa have to live with the family? What happened to him?
-Where does the family live?
-Where do they have to go? How? Why?

A yellow and white Vokswagen Type 2 vehicle, at center, is parked on a street. The roof of the vehicle is dirty, and on the sides of the picture, several other vehicles and buildings can be seen located on the street.

Questions after viewing 2:
    -Resume what has been seen previously:
-What happens to uncle Frank at the gas station?
-What happens to Olive at the gas station?
-What happens to Richard when they get to the motel?
-What happens to grandpa?

Questions after viewing 3:

Further discussion:
-Which character is your favorite? Explain why.
-Have you ever taken a road trip with your family?
-Where did you go?
-How did it go? Have you had some fights?
-What is the American dream for you?
-Comment one of Sheryl's sentence at the end of the movie: "Let's let Olive be Olive."
-How could you define the anti-American dream?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Students' samples of careers and hobbies

Students participating in the English speaking and listening class with Fanny Rocheteau:

Students from 1mA:
Group A: Mauricio Barrios, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Sebastian Avila, Andres Castro, Sebastian Rodriguez, Alvaro Vidal, Elisa Anton, Camila Gomez, Maria Argomedo, Rocio Aguila, Angelo Alveal, Daniela Blas, Yocelyn Carvajal, Constanza Diaz, Kristy Araya,
Group B: Diego Sanquea, Javier Solis, Demi Mesias, Valentina Lira, Francisco Torres, Nicolas Vega, Camila Robles, Karen Toro, Soledad Sangary, Santiago Riquelme, Alexandra Mayta, Jetro Munoz, Maria Opazo, Nahum Madrid, Sebastian Palacios
"I am Diego Suazo. I am fourteen. My hobby is to play soccer. In the future, I want to be a journalist."
"I am Francisco Torres. I am 13 years-old. My hobbies are: listening to music, playing on the computer, playing soccer and riding my bicycle. In the future, I want to be in the navy military or a computer engineer."

Students from 2mA:
Group A: Gabriela Dextre, Tamara Alvarez, Lissette Boscovich, Kira Cayo, Angela Huaman, Sofia Leal, Dnagelly Brona, Barbara Cortes, Vannia Garcia, Genesis Lopez, Alexandra Avendano, Gabriel Cartes, Ivo Campos, Aaron Conajagua, Rodrigo
Group B: Camilo Munoz, Elimar Vargas, Clara Maquera, Yesica Vilches, Daniela Veira, Macarena Munoz, Luis Jalgado, Sebastian Rodriguez, Kevin Vivero, Ignacio Yomora, Javier Tordoya, Manuel Trujillo, Tamara Vargas, Javiera Valladores
" My name is Lissette Buscovich. I am 15 years-old. My hobbies are to draw, to listen to music and to sing. In the future, I think I would like to become a lawyer."
"My name is Kira Cayo. I am 15 years-old. I like sleeping, chatting, watching TV, listening to music and dancing. I want to be a sport teacher in the future."

Students from 2mC:
Group A: Daniella Fuentes, Patricia Cardenas, Zilpa Funes, Leslie Egana, Katherine Buguenu, Jorge Hidalgo, Jonathan Clark, Cristian Arana, Bayron Barrientes, Alex Cepeda, Yessenia Almonte, Vanessa Castaneda, Piera Diaz, Ariel Gatica, Francisco Andrede, Marita Lemus,
Group B: Franco Fuenzalida, Hiram Yassin, Alexandra Mena, Caroline Zavilo, Sandra Winchel, Carolina Peralta, Loreto Opazo, Ignacio Salinas, david Mendez, Carla Mendez, Scott Richards, Yoselin Morales, Camila Gonzalez, Tahiri Morales,  Sheyla Portilla.
"My name is Marita Lemus. I am 14 years-old. My hobbies are to run, to swim, to watch TV and to play basketball. In the future I want to be a lawyer."
"My name is Ariel Esteban Gatica Ros. I am 15 years-old. I like computer, watching TV and being with my friends. In the future I want to be a detective or police inspector."
"My name is Sheyla Cabanillas. I am 15. I love chatting with my friends. I want to be a business manager."
"My name is Hiram Yasin. I am 15 years-old. My favorite hobby is to play guitar. In the future I want to be an artist."
"My name is Ignacio Salinas. I am 15 years-old. My favorite hobby is to practive swimming. In the future I want to be an engineer in metallurgy."
"My name is Tahiri Morales. I am 15. I love to play volley-ball. I want to be a doctor."
"My name is Zilpa Funes. I am, 16. I love roller-skating. In the future, I don't know yet what I want to do. Maybe a roller-skating professional."
"My name is Camila Estefany Gonzalez Saa. I am 15 years-old. My favorite hobby is to play in the school's band. In the future I want to become a police investigator. "
"My name is Scott Andrew Richards Lopez. I am 16 years-old. My hobby is to practice moto-cross. In the future I want to study informatic and do moto-cross races."

Students from 2mD:
Group A: Camila Aronema, Camila Manzano, Valentina Cornejo, Catalina Calderon, Alexander Huerta, Valeria Godoy, Andre Cruz, Francisco Lincopan, Juan Bonvallete, Felipe Labrin, Adjani Cisternas, Fernanda Barraza, Isaboth Fernandez, Barbara Ignacio, Cynthia Bozt, Viviana Videle,
Group B: Allan Melipan, Martiza Sazo, Ricardo Puyen, Matias Fatias, Matia Soto, Karina Lagos, Benjamin Soto, Julio Arredondo, Adrian Cerpa, Lorena Topia, Javiera Robledo, Melissa Cubillos, Maria Jose, Stephanny Cotre, Batian Burgos, Franz Muller
Class of 2mD watching the movie "Juno"

Students from 3mA:
Group A: Nathalia Garay, Jehizi Flores, Gabriela Coletti, Angel Zavala, Claudia Neira, Nicola Ortiz, Humberto Hurtado, Luis Jeira, Mauricio Ramirez, George Allornoz, Maria Salgado, Yuri Valenzuela, Juan Dextre, Marcelo Robledo,
Group B: Kevin Gallardo, Vanessa Zuniga, Franz Bedon, Eva Jimenez, Gabriel Rodriguez, Angel Quinones, Leslie Toro, Alberto Sanchez, Paloma Rojas, Manuel Madrid, Yermy Zuleta, Jorge Rojas, Andres Quijada.

"My name is Leslie Aguirre or Laly as a nickname. I am 16 years-old. I like sports, singing and dancing salsa, watdch movies and travel with my family. In the future, I would like to study medicine or to be a biology teacher. "
"My name is Paloma Barretas. I am 15 years-old. I really like: play tennis and volleyball, travelling to different cities, listening to music, singing, dancing, everything! In the future, I would like to be either detective, vet, engineer or doctor."
"My name is Maria Palape. I am 16 years-old. I sing, sing, and sing (Il ike very much) besides, I go to church (but it's much than a hobby as God is very important for my life.) In the future, I want to be a student at the university."
"I am Yuri Valenzuala. I am 16 years-old. I dance ballet at the municipal theater of Iquique. In the future, I want to be a student at the university."

Students from 4mA:
Group A: Ignacio Candia, Miguel Fuentes, Israel Campos, Jorge Arnes, Andres Mancilla, Felipe Condori. Carla Caceres, Darinka Cardenas, Pamela Medina, Roberto Aguero, Makarena Vidal, Daniela Colipi, Yassets Egan.
Group B: Camila Cerda, Maria Vidal, Paulina Olivares, Catalina Eyraud, Kathleen Gomez, Yuliana Mamani, Marcos Ramus, Pablo Soto, Nicolas Poblete, David Cortez, Guisselle Jopia, Yanira Cortes, Ivan Maryon, Camila Hurtado, Ricardo Lancapichun.

"My name is Makarena Victoria Estay Hurtado. I am 17 years-old. I love singing. I am from Iquique, Chile. Next year, I will study at the university to become a teacher:) "
"My name is Ignacio Candia. I am 17. My hobby is drawing. I am from Calama, in the second region of Chile. On next year, I want to study medicine."
"My name is Miguel Fuentes. I am 17 years-old. My hobbies are to play basketball, guitar and video-games. Next year, I will enter to the military service or study meca-electronic engineering. "
"My name is Yanira Velasquez. I am 17 years-old. I like to watch TV, listen to music, go out, and use the computer. Next year, I will study at the university or at the PDI, work, enjoy my life and plan for my future in family."
"My name is Guisselle Gonzalez Jopia. I am 17 years-old. I like listening to music, chatting, and collecting ear rings. Next year, I will study at the university (ondotology), enjoy my life. I will be very happy."
"My name is Roberto Collao. I am 17 years-old. My hobbies are to play soccer and to play "play-station 2. I am from Iquique, Chile. Next year, I will study at the UNAP University."
"I'm Marcos Israel Godoy Ramos and I'm 17 years-old. I love the TV show "Friends" and to listen to music. I love going shopping with my family and go everywhere with my friends. I go to church, well, a chapel and I've done my religious confirmation in 2008. I want to study psychology, or to be an English teacher, but I want to study at the La Serena University. I may go to the JMJ on August in Madrid and travel to the South of Chile in December."
"My name is Paulina Hilaja Olivares. I am 16 years-old. I like to sleep, listen to music, sing, draw, cook, watch TV, play online games, chat with my friends. Next year, I will study law at the university, I will buy a car, I will go to study at the Antafagosta University."
"My name is Camila Martinez Hurtado. I am 17 years-old. My hobbies: I play volley-ball, I go to the mall, I listen to music, I make bracelets and hand-bands. Next year, I will study law at the university of Tarapaca and I will play in the selection of volley-ball of Iquique. In the future, I want to be a monitor for religious confirmation and a tourist guide."
"My name is Maria de Los Angeles Vega Vidal. I am 18 years-old. I like singing, going to the beach with my friends. I like to sleep and to go out with my friends. My plans for the future are to go to the university to study medicine at the University of Chile or maybe to sutdy for being an English teacher too."
Students from 4mB:
Group A: Yelicza Calvo, Makarena Garay, Enzo Giron, Yair Berrios, Nicolas Canio, Yacos Barraza, Debora Garcia, Abigail Concha, Estefani Berrios,
Group B: Sergio Jribarren, Carla Orostegui, Marcelo Pacheco, Gabriel Saez, Oscar Carveno, Irina Chilo, Daniela Arquera, Maria Jose Aguirre, Marcia Silva, Maxiel Rivera
"My name is Daniela Segovia. I am 16 years-old. My hobbies are to sleep, to swim, to go roller-skating, and to eat. I want to study to be a primary school teacher in the future."
"My name is Carla Ponce. I'm 17 years-old. I like to sing and sometimes to draw. In the future I want to be a doctor. "
"My name is Marcelo Andres Mendez Pacheco. I am 16 years-old. I love sports. I want to be an architect in the future."
"My name is Oscar Pena Caveno. I am 17 years-old. I like to play guitar and listen to music. In the future I want to be an attorney."
"My name is Gabriel Leonardo Rodriguez Saez. I am 17 years-old. I like sports and playing computer. In the future, I want to be an industrial engineer."

Monday, May 23, 2011

1m Activity - Flashcards & English-speaking countries - May, 23rd


-In order to customize the classroom's walls, students will have to make flashcards using the vocabulary of moods and hobbies (as a review) and english-speaking countries with their flags (as a new class topic.)

1) Students need to discover first which English-speaking countries are represented by these flags:

-Provide extra information about each flag

2) Notions of culture:
Map of English-speaking countries: places in dark blue represent countries which speak English as a first language. Places in light-blue, countries which speak English as a second language or which English was a lot used in the past because of British colonization.

Important things to remember/vocabulary:
-There are 50 stars and 13 stripes on the American flag (50 for the number of states and 13 for first colonies of the U.S.A.)
-United Kingdom is made of 4 semi-independent regional identities: Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
-The Canadian flag represents a maple leaf as the emblem of the country, famous for his trees producing the famous maple syrup.
-Can students also suggest other things to add to the cultural content of the class?

3) Flashcards modelling:
               I usually feel:

                I never feel:
   My favorite thing in life is:


        To see the world!
          I want  to visit:


           To see koalas!

4) Production:

-4 flashcards/students using these four categories/students need to draw and create/think about a usual and unsual mood of theirs, a hobby and an English-speaking country they woud like to visit and why.

Examples of flashcards (after the activitiy, on the classroom's walls);

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2m, 3m, 4m Activity - Pancakes Recipe - Week of May, 23rd

"Some nice food for some nice breakfast"

-Ask the students what they usually eat for breakfast.
Make a list on the board.
-Ask what kitchen utensiles are usually needed for cooking.
-Introduce new vocabulary on cooking:
-Verbs: to cook, to bake, to heat up, to add, to pour, to beat, to stir, .....
-Utensiles: a mixing pan, a griddle/frying pan, a wisk, a spatula, a plate, a cup, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, a glass,....
-Ingredients: oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, vamilla, cinamon, pepper, sausages, bacon, eggs, meat, fish, vegetables (zucchinis, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, ....) fruits (oranges, lemon, apples, banana), pizza croust, batter/dough, .....
-Ask students if they know what pancakes are and how one can make them (what are the ingredients?)
-Write down the prediction list on the board
-Have the students watch the video of the recipe for  homemade pancakes:

-Resume what is needed for cooking pancakes/Reconstruct cooking instructions, quantities and ingredients needed.


For a fast, easy PANCAKE recipe which ingredients can always be found in the kitchen!

-Frying pan greased with butter or some non-sticking spray
-A mixing bowl
-A wisk

-Beat one 1 egg into fluffy
-Add 3/4 cup of milk
-2 tablespoons of melted margarine
-1 teaspoon of vanilla
-1cup of flour
-1tablespoon of sugar
-3 teaspoon of baking powder
-Half a teaspoon of salt

-Mix until well-combined

The frying pan or gridle is hot enough when a drop of water  breaks on it, denses and then evaporates

-Pour on some dough/batter to make the size of pancake you like.
-When bubbles appear on the top and break, then it's time to flip it and to cook the other side
until it's golden brown.

And here they are: light and fluffy homemade pancakes!
These are also good with chocolate chips and/or fruits added to the dough/batter.

-Have students work in pairs and write down the ingredients and what is needed to make their favorite dish.
-Have them explain it to the class:

Ex: To make an avocado sandwich, pizza, omelette, salade nicoise, hot dog,.... we need:
Instructions (using the new verbs seen at the imperative) :
-Heat up .....
-Cut/Chop .........

Students' recipes from 2medio:
By Javiera Valladares and Tamara Vargas (2medio A):

I. To make Chacarero:
1) Ingredients:
-1/2 kilo of green beans
-1/4 kilo of meat
-2 tomatoes
-1 teaspoon of mayonnaise
-1 teaspoon of salt
-1/2 kilo of bread
-1/2 kilo of avocado

2) Utensiles
-A teaspoon
-a pan
-a knife

3) Instructions
-Peel the tomatoes
-Open the bread in two
-Fry the meat and add it to the bread
-Peel and smash the avocado and add salt on it
-Add the avocado and tomatoes on the bread
-Cook the green beans and add them onto the bread
-Add some mayonnaise

Bon apetit!

II. To make Americano (Ignacio, 2medio A):

1) Ingredients:

-A pan

3) Instructions:
-Pour the oil onto the pan
-Fry the bread and add salt
-Fry the egg and add salt
-Put into the bread: the fried egg, the meat, the cheese and the jam.
-Heat up the sandwhich

If you want, you can melt the cheese a bit before!
Bon apetit!