Thursday, May 19, 2011

1m, 2m Activity - May 15th

Activity based on physical description and psychological description - mood/ professions
Vocabulary – lesson on Physical/Personal descriptions :
1. Hair:
COLOR: blond, ginger (canella), brunette (dark hair for a girl), dark, grey,
SIZE: long, short, curly (ondulado), straight (lisso),
-bald (calvo)
Ex: Catherine is brunette/Rachel is blond; Tom has dark, long and curly hair.
2. Eyes:
COLOR: blue, green, brown
Ex: he has blue eyes
3. Size:
Tall (alto), small (pequeno), medium-size, big (grande), short (pequeno), petite (pequena), fat (gordo), skinny (delgado), strong (fuerte), weak (debil)
Ex: She is really skinny – he is a big man!
4. Skin:
COLOR: dark-skinned (moreno), white (blanco), tanned (bronciado), pale
Ex: Bob is a dark-skinned boy/ Kelly is white
5. General:
Ugly (feo), beautiful (hermosa), pretty (bonita), handsome (hermoso), cute (carinoso)
Happy, sad, angry
Ex: I am really happy/sad, angry
confident, funny, boring (aburrido), nice, mean, loud, annoying (molesto), talkative, caring, wise, smart

Teacher, engineer, social worker, policeman, detective, fireman, architect, graphic designer, day-care assistant, nurse, doctor,…
Artist: actor/actress, singer, musician, comedian, painter, ...

What does he look like?
Hair? Eyes? Size? What can you say about
 his expression?
Imagine what he is trying to do!

What does she look like? Hair , eyes? Can you guess her size?
What can you say about her
  expression?? Imagine why she looks happy.

  What does Jane look like? Does she look happy?
Imagine why.

What does she look like? Is she having fun? Imagine why.

What does John look like?Does he look sad? Why? Describe.

Activity based on descriptions:

Review again the vocabulary of physical and psychological descriptions and have the students (in  
pairs) describe their partner.
-What does D. look like?
D. is brunette, she has long and curly hair.
-What does D. like?
Also, she likes to study and watch TV, she is funny and very talkative.

Game: each student writes the name of someone famous on a piece of paper and passes it to the teacher.
The teacher divides the class in two teams.

Each team's member has to come to the board and with the help of the teacher has to make his/her team guess as many famous people/papers as possible in one minute.
The team which wins is the one managing to make its team guess as many famous people as possible using the vocabulary covered in class.

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